Road's End

Renewed Hostilities

Day 1. Late Morning

Highlights, since it was so long ago. Comment with corrections.

Ter-nin agrees to find some fuel for Mice.

On the way to dinner at Rufe’s Shack, Smaug and Twice run into Grome. He’s drung again and takes a moment to harass Smaug.

Max has just returned to town with a kill and stops at Rufe’s for a bit and some news. He is there when Smaug and Twice arrive. The town council sits at a nearby table.

They notice a strange face in the street, twitchy and loitering. He steps towards the council’s table and pulls a grenade from his pocket. Smaug grabs Twice and shoves her towards the buliding, flips the council’s table down as a shield an tackles them to the ground.

Max charges the grenadier and after getting out of the blast, proceeds to whoop up on him. With shotgun shells. It doesn’t go well for the twitchy kid.

Smaug is checking for injuries as Max notices a second stranger peeking around the corner of the building. Ternin was in the area and has run over after hearing the initial blast. He and his Dog Buck tackle the second guy, cracking his head hard. He and Max tie him up.

As this is happening, Twice screams from the back of the building. Max and Smaug head to the back form opposite sides and see that the back door has been kicked open. Inside, Twice is sitting in a corner holding her side and points to the kitchen. Max and Smaug come out the front as the third attacker has a gun drawn on the council.

His hesitation let’s Smaug put a gun to his head and demandhe stand down.


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