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Two years ago the raiders organized. Stopped fighting each other and payed more attention to us. They started with our shit. Food, water, ammunition. Then some women here and there. Some kids too.

A year ago we had enough and fought back. Not sure what took so fucking long, but there we were, organized, too, trying to get our people back.

But most of them were already gone. Traded down the road for more guns and trucks to let them take more of our shit. When we got our shit together, we fought them off. Then pushed them back. We got our farms, our trucks and homes, weapons and what-not. But not our families. We got some back, but not enough. We got a truce, not that most on our side wanted one, but that’s all their was left to get. Other than revenge, I guess. But we were out of bodies, what with everyone dead, hurt or taken, and medicine to patch them up, and bullets to give them. So we set our line and stopped chasing them over it. They stopped crossing it. And then we just kinda started staring at each other over it.

That was little over half a year ago, and things have settled. It’s not normal, just quiet again. Farms are feeding again, and some trade started trickling in. Still, barely any pussy in town that’s over fifteen or under fifty, and it’s all already claimed a man or three, so that kind of fun is hard to come by. Probably why it’s so damned quiet. Not much else to do, and no doc or meds to patch you up if you did have something fun to do. So we scrape by and scowl at each other.

Those that lost folks are a little pissy with those that didn’t, and those that wanted to keep fighting are the same with those that didn’t. In fact, thems all pretty much the same two groups.

Yeah, so welcome to Road’s End, fucker. One way in, two ways out. Keep yer hands to yourself and your mouth civil-like and you leave the way of yer choosing.

Road's End

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